What is it?

Encapsulation is the process of laminating a semi-rigid polyester film to paper or board on both sides with a lip to give the material a protective coating. This can be used to add durability to the final product such as a stand up menu on a table.

Uses & Benefits

Encapsulation is used to enhance, protect, and preserve items of print such as, posters, signs, menus, wine lists, price tags, and much more.

Some benefits include:

    • Encapsulation extends the life of print by giving extra protection and robustness.
    • Encapsulated items are waterproof and protected from pest damage.
    • Choice of films and weights:
      _Gloss – 75, 80, 125, 150, 250 micron
      _Matte – 75, 125 micron
    • Double sided only
    • Minimum size 60mm long
    • Maximum size 1200+mm long x 740mm wide


Roll Lamination

The process of Roll Lamination suits large sizes and large volumes. Finished lamination can have variable size borders or no borders at all (known as flush trim) or can be run inside the paper size. This process also has the largest choice of film types and weights.

Film weights from as thin as 37 microns (0.037mm) thick to 75, 80, 125, 150, and 250 microns (0.25mm).

Minimum Size 60mm long
Maximum Size 1200+mm long x 740mm wide

Film Types

Gloss, Matte, Satin, Textured, and Specialty.

Film Weights

75, 80, 125, 150, 250 Microns

Finish Required – Edge Seal Required

Size to be supplied – Cut to finished size

Finish Required – Flush Trim

Size to be supplied – Cut to finished size

Finish Required – Die Cut or Cut Down

Size to be supplied – Supply oversize as per cello


We can also supply round corner cutting and slot punching if required.