What is it?

Celloglazing is a very common print finishing option chose for its several benefits. This process takes place by laminating a thin plastic film to paper or board using heat and pressure. It has a smooth and silky feeling that is hard to remove. As opposed to Spot UV, Celloglazing usually covers the whole surface area of the finished printed product.

Uses & Benefits

This finishing technique is most commonly used to enhance and protect items of print. Available in different textures, this option offers great durability to printed piece that are handled frequently or exposed to moisture. Celloglazing can be applied to a range of products such as, business cards, book covers, presentation folders, sales aids, posters, display cartons, tab dividers and much more.

Some benefits include:

    • Celloglazing gives your printed matter a prestige finish and extends document life.
    • Choice of films are matt or gloss – with specialty types with these two types
    • Strip Cello – for glue flaps
    • Window Face Cello – for display packaging
    • Single or double sided
    • Minimum size 140 x 200mm
    • Maximum size 1020 x 1280mm

Specifications – Celloglazing

Minimum Sheet Size

Pre Coat – 150mm x 200mm. We will grip on the 150mm edge
Adhesive – 280mm x 300mm. We will grip on the 300mm edge

Maximum Sheet Size

Maximum sheet size is 1020mm x 1280mm.
Sheet over 1020mm wide will always be gripped to the short edge.

Film Types Available

Gloss, Matt.

Specialty Films – Glueable & scuff resistant gloss & matt, soft touch/velvet matt, digital gloss & matt, biodegradable gloss (eco – fully recyclable), metalised PET (silver)

More Information


Specifications – Window Face Celloglazing

Minimum Size

Minimum size is 325mm x 455mm. We will grip to 455mm edge.

Maximum Size

Maximum size is 720mm x 1020mm. Sheets over 720mm wide we will always grip to the short edge.

Board Stock

Minimum thickness stock is 350mm.

Window Sizes

Maximum 100mm x 100mm. A larger window is subject to trial to ensure success; the window will distort the sheet and sufficient border is required to support the window. Other specifications are as per standard celloglazing information.


Digital Print & Celloglazing

Due to our superior equipment expertise most digital work can be done with regular cello film. However for the small percentage of work which requires it, we keep a digital specific film for those jobs which require the modified adhesive. Personalised, collated and other variable data work, can all be done. Conditions apply.